About Us

"Un lider no nace, se hace."

What is SHPE?

SHPE (pronounced ship) is The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.


SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.

Our mission is to promote the development of Hispanics in engineering, science and
other technical professions. We believe in achieving educational excellence, economic
opportunity and social equality.

Our goal is to increase educational opportunities and promote professional and
personal growth. We are determined to carry out our social responsibility and become
involved in education, business, and government issues. In the process, we intend to
enhance our pride within our organization and to reinforce our reputation as a vital
Hispanic organization

We will fulfil this mission by:

-Increasing educational opportunities
-Promoting professional and personal growth.
-Carrying out our social responsibility to be involved in education, business, and
government issues.
-Enhancing pride within our organization and reinforcing our reputation as a vital
Hispanic organization. 

Chapter History

SHPE at Stevens Institute of Technology (SHPE@SIT) was founded in 1988, by Stevens
student, Hermes Gonzalez. Hermes established the chapter to provide a support system
for Hispanics on campus. In December of 1991, the chapter was officially recognized by
SHPE Inc., the national governing body. SHPE@SIT has instituted a much-needed
support system for Hispanic students in engineering and science. It also has been
successful in its efforts to reach out and have a positive impact on young Hispanics within
the surrounding communities. Since its inception SHPE@SIT’s membership numbers have
steadily increased with the growing population of undergraduate Hispanic students at

Throughout the years, our members have benefited from the organization by being part
of “la familia” a special community dedicated to individual and group advancement.
SHPE@SIT’s members have opportunities to meet, interact with and learn from
professionals who have faced similar obstacles and are attaining goals similar to those
they have set for themselves. Additionally, they are kept informed of employment and
scholarship opportunities, and of the advancements in the rapidly expanding science and
technology field.  

National History

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) was founded in Los Angeles,
California, in 1974 by a group of engineers employed by the city of Los Angeles. Their
objective was to form a national organization of professional engineers to serve as role
models in the Hispanic community.

The concept of Networking was the key basis for the organization. SHPE quickly
established two student chapters to begin the network that would grow to encompass
the nation as well as reach countries outside the United States. Today, SHPE enjoys a
strong but independent network of professional and student chapters throughout the


Our Constitution and Bylaws