The SGA meets Sundays at 7:00PM in BC122. Students are welcome to come by and participate in campus matters.

Check out the Agenda here

All SGA Senate Meetings and SGA committees, with the exception of the budget committee, are open for participation to all students.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at

Thomas A Daly - SGA President 
About Thomas
- 3/5 Civil Engineering Major
- Former President and Founder of the Stevens Irish Association
- Current CCSI of Student Government Association
- Brother and former Recruitment Chair of Kappa Sigma, Rho-Omega
- Orientation Leader
- Student Ambassador

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Student Organization concerns or questions regarding the organizations I am a part of. I would love to be of assistance.

Cat Oesterle - Vice President of Operations 
About Cat
I'm a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering. I'm from Munster, Indiana (a suburb of Chicago). I am the Vice President of Operations of the Student Government Association, Panhellenic Delegate for Delta Phi Epsilon and a morale captain for Dance Marathon.

Soindos Abdah - Vice President of Student Interests 
About Soindos
3/4 Chemical Biology Major and Social Sciences Minor
Current VPSI (Vice President of Student Interest) of Student Government Association
Former President and Founder of Stevens Muslim Educational and Cultural Association (MECA)
Member and Former Secretary of Alpha Epsilon Delta National Honor Society
Orientation Leader

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Student Organizations, your interests or any questions about how to get more involved. I am always here to help!

Houston Migdon - Vice President of Finance 
About Houston
Parker Petroff-Rims - Secretary 
About Parker
Greg J Klesaris - Senior Senator 
About Greg
I'm Greg Klesaris and I am currently a Junior Senator of the SGA. I am also the President of the Entertainment Committee and Campus Life Committee, as well as a Resident Assistsnt on the 1st Floor of Jonas

Jhustin Y Scarlett - Senior Senator 
About Jhustin
Kevin Cook-Smith - Senior Senator 
About Kevin
Reeba A James - Senior Senator 
About Reeba
Hey everyone,

My name is Reeba and I am currently a 3/4 Finance major and Math minor. I am a Junior Senator involved with Founder's Day Ball and Budgeting Committee. I am also the Vice President of the Stevens Christian Fellowship.

- Reeba :)

Anthony J Picone - Junior Senator 
About Anthony
As of Fall 2017:

1700 Park Resident Assistant
Entertainment Committee: VP of Off Campus Events
SGA: Senior Senator
Club Bowling
Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity
Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Computer Science Honor Society)

Cristian Collado - Junior Senator 
About Cristian
Hi everyone! My name is Cristian Collado and I am currently a 2/5 year Electrical Engineering Major here at Stevens. On the SGA,I am involved with The Academic Affairs Committee, the Campus Life Committee and the Founder's Day Ball ad hoc committee.

Evan VanTine - Junior Senator 
About Evan
Rami Kammourh - Junior Senator 
About Rami
Hey guys! My name's Rami, and I'm a sophomore Civil Engineering major, also hoping to graduate with a Master's in Structural Engineering. Aside from the SGA, I'm a member of Alpha Sigma Phi, The Stute, Anime Club, C2GS, Engineers for a Sustainable World, and a few other organizations. In my free time, I like to hang out, play trivia, read comics, watch anime, things like that. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about any of the organizations I'm in. Thanks!

Ann Collins - Sophomore Senator 
About Ann
Lucas R Gallo - Sophomore Senator 
About Lucas
My name is Lucas Gallo and I am from Clark, New Jersey.
At Stevens I am an Engineering Management Major.

A little bit about me is:
Besides aspiring to become a freshman class senator (which is my biggest priority) I am part of APO, a member of the club volleyball team, and I work as a lower campus office assistant.
I enjoy long walks on the beach.
I am color blind (maybe that will conjure up some sympathy votes ;).
And just like my other esteemed candidates for SGA, I have had plenty of exposure to leadership throughout my life to prepare myself for this prestigious position.

As a freshman senator, my mission is to keep the workings of SGA completely transparent towards the entire student body. I believe that it is important for all students to know what is happening within our school and I plan to create an easily accessible path between the senate and the student body for which all concerns of the student body can be both addressed and solved. As an Engineering Management major I am confident in my leadership abilities and it would be an absolute honor to serve as a senator for our amazing freshman class.


Melanie Caba - Sophomore Senator 
About Melanie
Nicolas Nuila - Sophomore Senator 
About Nicolas
I graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy in 2015. I plan on joining the Marine Corps, and I love to swim and run. I am majoring in Engineering Management, and I plan on getting an MBA. I am huge into politics, and will most likely run for office at some point in my life.

Shayna E McCarthy - Sophomore Senator 
About Shayna
I was born in Red Bank and currently live in Morganville, New Jersey. I attended Saint Leo the Great School from preschool to eighth grade. After graduating, I went to Saint John Vianney High School. I was very involved through sports and academics. I was voted by my class to be president of my grade for freshmen year and then re-elected by my grade again sophomore year. My junior year, I was looking for more of a challenge and ran for President of the Student Senate. The Student Senate was made up of four people from any grade that overlooked the entire student body rather than just our respective grades. We would meet monthly with the Principal and President of our school and discuss how to improve our student life at Saint John Vianney. In addition, I was Vice President of the Math Club, student Ambassador, and played Varsity Soccer, Golf and Basketball.

Vote for SLAP for SGA.

Uilliam K McMurtry - Sophomore Senator 
About Uilliam
I am currently a Sophomore Quantitative Finance major who enjoys reading, camping, hiking, playing piano, and hanging out with friends in my spare time. Right now, I am also a Senator for the Class of 2019 on the Student Government Association and a coxswain on the Stevens Crew Team.

Jared Hobbie - Freshman Senator 
About Jared
Currently an SGA senator doing my best to stay involved on campus.

Jesse L Priest - Freshman Senator 
About Jesse
Graduate of Chaminade High School
Engineering Undecided major at Stevens Institute of Technology

Jonathan P Darlak - Freshman Senator 
About Jonathan
Hello! My name is Jonathan Darlak and I am a freshman senator running again for a spot on the 2017-2018 senate. I am also a member of The Stevens LEADS Program, The American Society for Mechanical Engineers, Stevens Christian Fellowship, and the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. In my free time, I like to go for long runs or go to the gym. I also like to play the piano, play Xbox, and just hang out and talk to people.

I have served on the Student Government for this 2016-2017 term as a senator. I am the Chair of the Student Advisory Board and work with the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Hannah Timm, and meet with the Vice Provost a certain amount of times per month to help review and propose new beneficial academic plans for you, the students. I am also a member of the Campus Life Committee in which I work with other senators to spruce up campus facilities and events. I’m a member of the Oversight Committee in which I work with senators to keep the senate in check as far as fulfilling senator requirements go. This ensures that all senators are applying themselves to the best of their ability so you have the best possible Student Government working for YOU. I am running for the senate again for this upcoming year because I have enjoyed my first year as a senator and felt I have built a great foundation to enhance my leadership skills as the Chair of the Student Advisory Board. My goals for the upcoming semester are to form a good relationship with the Vice Provost and to get more comfortable communicating with students and faculty in the Student Advisory Board. I’d also like to talk to students on campus more often about what it going on at senate meetings and answer as many of their questions as possible. I’d love to continue my career on the senate but can only do so with your votes. Let’s take on the 2017-2018 year together! Thank you.

Mohkum S Sethi - Freshman Senator 
About Mohkum
Ryan Tom - Freshman Senator 
About Ryan
Dakota P Van Deursen - Special Interest Subcommittee Head 
About Dakota
Desiree Batista - Ethnic Student Council Subcommittee Head 
About Desiree
J Shim - Recreation Subcommittee Head 
About J
James Romph - Electronics and Gaming Subcommittee Head 
About James
Jami Porzl - Service Subcommittee Head 
About Jami
John-Craig Borman - Non-RSO Subcommittee Head 
About John-Craig
Welcome to my profile, my name is J-C. Here on campus I am a 2/5 Quantitative Finance major in the 4+1 program. Aside from academics, I am heavily involved in the Student Government Association (SGA) as the Non-RSO Subcommittee Head, the Vice President of Phi Beta Lambda--Stevens' Professional Business Society and a Student Ambassador for the School of Business.

Natalie Barillaro - Arts and Music Subcommittee Head 
About Natalie
5/5 Computer Science Major with a penchant for the performing arts