Resources & Information

Contacting Safe Zone

T: 201.216.5699

F: 201.216.8946


All inquires (email and phone calls) are kept confidential unless noted otherwise by inquirer. You may contact Stevens Safe Zone Ally Program to inquire about trainings, getting involved, how to speak with a Safe Zone representative, and LGBTQ resources.

Safe Zone for Students

The Stevens Safe Zone is an ally program aimed at creating a more open campus environment, especially for students on campus who might identify as members of the LGBTQ and ally community, as well as for students who may be questioning. Students should see the placard as a designation that the staff or faculty member displaying the placard supports the LGBTQ population, has attended a training to learn about issues facing the LGBTQ community, and has a litany of resources on hand to assist students who may be looking for specific services or organizations in the New Jersey or New York City area.

For more information about the Stevens Safe Zone ally program and other diversity initiatives around the nation, please explore our website. If you wish to contact a member of the Safe Zone program with any questions or to find a Safe Zone member on campus, please email