About Us

The IFC at Stevens Institute of Technology is a group directed to address the needs of the member fraternities, and operates as a model organization whose sole purpose is to self-govern, educate, and promote a true sense of community.

The IFC functions as a legislative, administrative, and judicial body. Its objectives include: providing an organization which promotes intellectual and social interactions within and among fraternities, coordinating the operations and representing the Stevens Institute of Technology fraternity system.

Our mission is to assist in the personal growth of our brothers and sisters through a focus on Academic Excellence, Leadership Development, and Involvement in Campus and Community.

This shall be achieved through:

Establishing, promoting, and maintaining high academic standards.
- Motivating, educating, and supporting members to attain their leadership potential.
- Creating an atmosphere dedicated to service of our campus and surrounding community.
- Cultivating an environment which enhances the inter-personal skills of our members.