Ondrick Music Room

Located on the 4th Floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center, the Ondrick Music Room is a rehearsal and practice location for many organizations, including the Stevens Choir, Jazz Band, Concert Band and Orchestra, as well as where many private lessons are taught.

Open rehearsal hours are also available in this location either in the main room or the two small rehearsal rooms, each with an acoustic piano.  The Music Room is equipped with two Boston upright pianos, a Petrof upright piano, a Hammond organ, and a Yamaha Clavinova, all available for students to practice. Percussion instruments are also available for use in the main room but can not be used Mon-Fri before 5 p.m. due to sound-proofing issues.

To learn more about open rehearsal hours, or booking the room for a rehearsal or lesson, please choose the link below.


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