DeBaun Auditorium

DeBaun Auditorium is located in the historic Edwin A. Stevens Hall, 24 5th Street (between Hudson and River Streets), in Hoboken, New Jersey. Edwin A. Stevens Hall is the original academic building of Stevens Institute of Technology and still part of the school today.

The Auditorium is a renovated proscenium theater with a mid-size stage and extensive lighting and sound capabilities and seats 470. The technical crew and house staff is comprised primarily of Stevens students who work on all aspects of the Auditorium's events. 

The theater was dedicated the Grace. E. and Kenneth W. DeBaun Auditorium in a three-day celebration on October 15-17, 1998. On Saturday, October 18, 2008, guests and members of the DeBaun Auditorium "family" joined to celebrate the past, present and future of the theater.


History of DeBaun Auditorium

2014-2015 Season

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