About Us

The Computer & Console Gaming Society was started by King Arthur when, after a near-death experience, he realized that the round table was the perfect place to play Settlers of Catan. We continue this tradition today in BC-122 every Thursday from 9 P.M. 'till early in the morning. Come whenever you want and hang out!

We have an enormous array of consoles, a giant game library, and a big selection of card & board games. Point being, if you want to play any console, computer, board, card, or role-playing game, or if you just want to hang out with like-minded people, this is the place to be.

In addition to our weekly meetings, we also have occasional Epic LANs - big gaming parties. These start at 9 P.M. on Saturday and last all night, with people often staying up until 7 A.M. the next morning. We host tournaments, order enormous amounts of (free) pizza, and make a plethora of bad jokes.

Once a semester, C2GS hosts the Iron Gamer tournament, in which contestants answer trivia and play games for a chance to win prizes. The games played in the tournament are secret, so everyone is on a level playing field. Give it a shot!

Current e-board:

President: Alex Massenzio
Vice President: Justin Zauderer
Tournament Organizer: Brennan Casey
Treasurer: Adam Gincel
Publicity Manager: Jeff Meli

Contact us at C2GS@stevens.edu.


Some years ago, C2GS built a fully functioning arcade cabinet that is now located in the Jacobus Lounge. It is, unfortunately, no longer functional. Whether this is because of hardware failure or failure to plug it in is unknown. Its fate, pending the destruction of Jacobus, is also unknown at this time.